Animations Preview from "REFLECTIONS" - my graduation film with Bosmat Agayoff

FOOL HOUSE - 3rd year Film

I've joined Idan and Michals project in the second semester of the 3rd year, later on Hila also joined us..
My main role was the animation (Together with blend shapes, skinning, some rigging).
And although there was only 3 weeks left for the entire animation - it was a lot of fun!

And here is Link for the movie-

And Back To Animate - Now in 3D!

Acting with Norman
The Fluet - Voice of Jack Black - "tenacious d" album
The Salesman - Voice of James Belushi - "Little Shop of Horror"

 Couple Animations from 2nd year... introducing MAYA

The Pit Assignment

Moving into a rest

Paintings and Sketches

Links To BEHANCE website below:
Traditional and Digital paintings

Charcoal Sketches

LITTLE HELP FROM A FRIEND - My 2nd year film

Some of my work procces and sketches






Stop Motion & Pixelation assignments

That was one of the most calculated works I've ever done..
And here's a link to the "making of" album with Yoav Lev-Ari  :)


:)  some fun pixelation assignment with friends

Cycle Animation - Fat Funny